Chef Bobby Geetha

International Chef Consultant Specialist in Modern Indian cuisine. Trained at world’s best restaurants Including Noma. Previous corporate chef Famous Indian restaurant Chain by legendary Singer Asha Bhosle. Founder of business Fine dining Indian Ltd Media House produces Magazines, Cooking Videos and Cook Books.
About Bobby

Bobby Geetha has amazing work experience in leading Fine dining, Smart Casual, Brasserie, Café, Dark Kitchens outlets. Headed product development for Food manufacturing factories.

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About Bobby Geetha

Indian Chef Bobby Geetha is highly passionate, dedicated and committed in a profession he loves the most. Bobby Geetha have decades of hands on managerial experience in high end 5-star luxury hotel kitchens. Bobby Geetha is the author of five cook books on Fine Dining Indian cuisine series and the founder of website on next generation Indian cuisine.

Also, he is the highly rated finalist in BBC’s Master Chef UK Professional. Now and International menu consultant who has worked with some of Europe’s Michelin starred culinary greats. Bobby Geetha is the semi-finalist in National Chef of the year United Kingdom. Bobby Geetha won the Gold for Hospitality Chef Excellence award in 2018.

He is always calm and professional, working in an organized manner even at the most pressurized and demanding moments.

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What Clients and Industry Leaders say about Bobby Geetha

Evening foodies tonight i was invited to try taster menu they are based in buckhurst hill and i dont even know where to start it was absolutely lovely they are also collaborating with masterchef finalist @chefbobbygeetha so the new menu is 🔥🔥 But guess what you also could try it just give them a follow and you may be lucky and get to try this fantastic high quality food ❤ Starters ...king prawn and courgette amritsari and then that amazing chicken tikka khatti roll and even more yes more for me to eat was trivandrum fried chicken just 🔥🔥 and thats only starters Mains... Chicken and butternut squash korma the sauce on this curry was to be honest unreal it was my favourite thing out of everything perfect spice creamy and just lovely 😍 Lamb korai... The lamb literally melted the sauce was thick and just bloody lovely 😂 Sides... Saffron rice Papadam Mango chutney Mint chutney Garlic naan Dessert 🍰 Sourdough shahi tukra Sweet warm sourdough slices drenched in sweetened milk 😍😍 I honestly cant fault anything the portions smell taste look everything and the staff and owner just amazing loved it see you soon thankyou ❤❤
Amanda P
"Amazing new style of cooking with layers and layers of flavora. An Indian cuisine which has never seen before and which appeals to international level"
Master Chef Judges: Jay Rayner, William Sitwell, Chef Marcus
"I also tripped out on her brand new barrah lamb chops paired with carrot coconut cream, fried fish with avocado cream and baby chicken with bok choy and makhani sauce, all deliciously made by the brilliant young chef Bobby Retnakumar Geetha. "
Ms. Rashmi Uday Singh : World 50 best Restaurant Hunter
" I have worked with Bobby for a number of years and in that time have not only found him to be an exceptionally talented chef but also someone who is professional, ambitious and open to learn and take on new skills at every opportunity. He has achieved a great deal to date self-publishing two outstanding recipe books, an online food magazine and self-managing a number of pop ups. Above all this, Bobby is a most likeable individual and definitely someone to watch a rising star.
Ian Human: Group Chef : Restaurant Associates | Compass Group
INDIAN FOOD - Buckhurst Hill, Essex. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. Probably the best Indian food I have ever tasted in my life !!! Regency club I’m sorry 🤣 this food was unbelievable. menu is based on @chefbobbygeetha recipes. @chefbobbygeetha as most of you know was the finalist of @masterchefuk and is an amazing Indian fine dining chef himself ! have done an amazing job with their new menu. The flavours and fragrances of every single dish were out of this world. I ordered king Prawn and Courgette Amritsari and the prawns were so yummy and fresh and nice and meaty and the courgette was something different and unusual to add into the dish but it definitely worked so well ! I also had TFC fried chicken which was very tasty and again very fresh. The vegetable mini Momo dumplings were probably one of the best things of tonight’s meal I just wish there was more of them ! 6 wasn’t enough 🤣 butter chicken was probably THe best butter chicken I’ve had in the 30 years of my life. Most restaurants are lazy and use korma sauce for their butter chicken sauce but this was exactly how it should be if not 1000 times better !!!! Again, I could’ve eaten it 10 times ! The paneer and veg jalfrezi was yummy and the flavours of the paneer were so good. So so fresh ! The keema fries - now these were something I’ve never tried in my life they were basically like nachos but chips underneath topped with cheese, keema meat and jalapeños and their spices too. Absolutely amazing !!!!! How have I never ever had this before ?!!!! The biryani rice was very fragrant and again very tasty. The whole meal also went well with the chilli garlic naan and the lovely poppadoms - no oil whatsoever just how they should be. And then to complete the most amazing meal , I then finished with the most amazing dessert I’ve ever had - usually it’s kulfi or rasmalai for me but tonight I had homemade Sourdough Shahi Tukra. This was a delicious dessert that I’ve never ever seen on any Indian restaurant menu. It was so creamy and delicious and had lovely fruits within it and some nuts/seeds. So so good. All in all INCREDIBLE
John J
"When I got introduced to Bobby Geetha, I saw we were on the same wavelength adapting classical to traditional recipes using modern approaches and techniques. and again, I fell in love because I think now is the time and place that Indian fine dining deserves the same recognition as other countries."
Chef Schilo Van Coevorden | Taiko Restaurant Amsterdam
"Bobby’s unique and creative style of cooking is a great testament to his unwavering interest in global influences on Indian cuisine. He manages to modernize food yet still retain its authentic integrity. A unique skill superbly mastered by Chef Bobby Geetha"
Ms.Susan Doughty Potter : Managing Director Insight Asha's Restaurant | Thai chi | Biella | Wafi Hotels