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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/14/2022
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5×8.5
Page Count : 130
ISBN : 9781665596046
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Page Count : 130
ISBN : 9781665596053
Bobby Geetha is much more than a chef behind an apron. His passion for cooking, creative food plating, and managing five-star hotel kitchens is what makes him a well-rounded expert in Indian cuisine and fine dining. In an original collection, Chef Geetha shares a variety of simple Indian recipes and accompanying YouTube video demonstrations that provide home cooks with the insight and knowledge to create diverse, delicious meals for family and friends. His recipes include avocado pakora, banana pudding, beef short rib biriyani, black butter chicken, Brussel sprout courgetti kalonji masala, fluffy coconut pancakes, fried egg sandwich pakora, saag aloo, and tandoori chicken biriyani. Throughout his collection, Chef Geetha reminds home cooks that Indian cuisine is not just about curry and spicy food, but instead, about pleasing the palate with varied tastes and textures while gathering around a table with those we love. Book of Recipes is a volume of recipes and YouTube videos shared by a renowned Indian chef that guides home cooks around the world to easily create tasty meals.

Format: Kindle Edition

Fine Dining Indian: Easy To Cook Restaurant Recipes At Home

The concept of this cook book is to bring fine cooking accessible to all house hold and to Indian restaurants . These recipes are developed through my Indian food journeys inspired from my London , copenhagen Michelin star Two ★★  resturant trainings . Bring simple but amazing cooking techniques i learned and enhance Indian cuisine to a New level .

Fine Dining Indian is a vision and mission in achieving positive eating and cooking habit in Indian kitchens  Fine dining is never about eating in a posh restuarant ” . It is about the choosing the fine ingredients , fine cooking techniques to produce finest recipe possible . 

” If we can achieve this in resturants and charge you high price . why don’t you cook this at home literally to 1/10th of the money you pay at resturants . “

The Book empahsis on the concept of Indian food and its relation to the five elementsPancha Bhoota or Pancha Maha-Bhoota, five great elements, also five physical elements, is a group of five basic elements, which, according to Hinduism, is the basis of all cosmic creation.

  • Sweet-Earth & Water
  • Sour-Earth & Fire
  • Salt -Water & Fire
  • Pungent -Fire & Air
  • Bitter-Air & Ether
  • Astringent -Air & Earth

Some of the Unique recipes given here are 

★ Achari Octopus samphire pakora , ★ Wildboar sausage Vadapav , ★ Tapioca poppadom , ★ Lamb sweet bread shami kebab , ★ Duck egg naan roll and many more , ★ Brioche shahi tukra , ★ Beetroot halwa and white chococolate .

New Indian Take away: Cook book and guide to start a modern Indian takeaway business

★★  New Indian Takeaway  ★★

Cook book and guide to start a modern Indian takeaway business 

Take away culture of curry houses started in United kingdom. when we need to ensure the basic quality of Indian cuisine has to be upgraded it must start from the root .

The old school Indian takeaways are losing its market grip mainly due to unhealthy curry which is steeped in oils with boring same menu which started as a trend 50 years back .

You either upgrade yourself or face lose of business 

The Food service delivery Market in Uk stands around 8.5 Billion GBP in 2019. UK households spend an average of around five British pounds per person per week on Takeaways .

My Hands on experience and research to run successful Modern Indian takeaway kitchen . Tried and tested perfect recipe that helped many of my restaurant clients to run successful restaurant and takeaway business in Uk , Middle East and India .

◆ The concept ◆

When i got the opportunity to revamp and design an existing old school Indian take away in to a ” New Indian Take away ” saw it as an greater opportunity to change the tired curry culture .

What I learned is an amazing opportunity how we can change the existing curry culture . The base gravies used tasted same , more to a sweeter side . My objective was to make it simple , authentic and using local ingredients around uk .

When we started of the old clients were suspicious and we saw a dip in sales . The owner was concerned and almost near to go back tested old styles .

But the patience paid of with the help pf worlds biggest marketing Tool Yes ” The word of Mouth . Now we raised More than 50% of Monthly sales compared to last year. which is a tremendous jump . The work culture has been improved as recipe given were accurate with perfect techniques to follow .

All About Cloud Kitchen : Dark Kitchen , Take away Kitchen or Virtual Kitchen Concept

Free download for 6 days Your new year Gift 

All about Cloud Kitchen

How to start or turn around your existing food delivery business.
The basic concept behind cloud kitchen economics is very simple. Cloud kitchens do not have a physical space for diners to sit and eat. They rely completely on online orders for business and thereby are heavily dependent on food aggregators .
What Is A Cloud Kitchen ?
Times are changing and we are relying on technology. We are storing our photos and are streaming movies in the cloud. Even the businesses are running in the cloud

Cloud kitchens are much economical than traditional restaurants because of low operational cost. Many existing brick-and-mortar restaurant kitchens have seen much of their businesses go online. This has been possible by the rise of delivery apps. Thus, cloud kitchens are slowly upping the restaurant game.

Cloud kitchens are high profit, low risk food service businesses which basically act as food production hubs.

Chef Bobby Geetha | Indian chef Consultant

Follow  :  Instagram/chefbobbygeetha .

Previous Corporate chef for Indian Singer Asha Bhosle’s Chain of restaurant’s

Editor / Founder Finediningindian magazine

Trained in Michelin star restaurants Including Noma – Voted worlds Best

Best Indian chef Awards in Middle east

Published two cook Books

Restaurant Consultant which helped Indian restaurant to get shortlisted in top 7 London restaurant .

Took to No.1 Position for Ashas Restaurant In Dubai and middle east in fine dining category .

Format: Kindle Edition

Beyond Curry: A fine dining version of gods own cuisine (Finedinigindian cuisine Book 1)

Recipes from Gods own country – Kerala 

Indian Cuisine has much more to offer than Curries and Tandoors. 

Kerala the southern state of India, Advertised by state tourism as gods own country for its natural beauty. When considering international recognition for Indian cuisine Kerala has not yet received its deserved place.  

As a chef I am proud to represent my homeland, In this book the basic recipes are preserved to its complete origin from my mother even its presented in its luxurious way.This book is done as a chef-learning diary than normal cookbooks; all the recipes are tested and tried in my home kitchen through the book. 

we will discuss more than Kerala cuisine recipes, like food designing, plating concept, restaurant business and more “Chefs always aim to own and cook in your restaurant, While working for others”Factors in food design conception, what, where these factors have to complement each other rarely even contrasting when combined will result in excellent food presentation scenario. How to maximise on your cooking skills and Ingredients used.

Sometimes you need to play with contrasting colours when presenting complex dishes(more than three main Ingredients)We learned cooking is the art and science of good eating. In addition, it can be defined as the study of food and culture, with a particular focus on gourmet cuisine.

One who is well versed in gastronomy is called a gastronome, while a gastronomist is one who unites theory and practice in the study of gastronomy

However, many occasions chefs who challenge the laid down path have succeeded in creating a name for him-self. Many food presentations are closely related to the people culture & their eating habits, even religions have greater influence on how food is cooked & presented. In Indian cuisine the cultural influence is food is very high and as Indians, we have to preserve our cultural heritage. Being modern in cooking & presentation skills is not to copying the west but to present in global standards while keeping our authenticity.

Being a Restaurant ownerOnce you have decided to work for yourself, it is a great and bold decision you made for your life stick to it. I will suggest it is better to have a service industry background to start a restaurant business. If you are only a promoter its fine when you have an expert team to take care of your business.

Kerala cuisine is an unexplored area of Indian cuisine. Its possibilities are unlimited and very cost effective in terms of producing fantastic dishes.Kerala dishes are simple and lean compared to other rich cuisines of India it is mainly due to the coastal influence in Kerala cuisine.

Kerala cuisine has a fantastic legacy of seafood recipes, which will be an added advantage for any Indian restaurants.Kerala cuisine has to be marketed to bring in clients since it is a new taste than the normal Indian cuisine restaurants.

There has to be a strong plan and decision to be made before you take your first step. Once you made your decision never look back whatever hardship it may take make your plan a reality.‘Any remarkable Journey starts with a single step’ Given are some snippets about the content of book with hand picked recipes of kerala dishes from my mother

Enjoy reading and Cooking
Bobby Geetha

Indian Cuisine Evolution (finediningindian Book 2)

Unique Alert: This is Not Your Ordinary Indian Cook Book…
Only read If you are trying to adapt Modern Indian Cooking in any corner of the world , cook with what is available around you .

The recipes are developed In london with local produces . This is most suited to any Metropolitan city dwellers.

Indian Cuisine Evolution The thought behind is unique Indian cuisine small plates than traditional larger portions .
You need to know Indian cuisine first to even thinking of developing in it your ways. My experience and researches helped in compiling a few amazing recipes we developed at the kitchen lab of FinediningIndian.

our recipes are available in our youtube channel as well. our vision is to be the ” Face of Finest Indian Cuisine ” . There is a Movement started in London and now its moving across all metropolitan cities around the world in form of tasting and sharing plate. where the customers can order small portion size dishes and try 4 or five dishes at the price of one dish which you normally pay for an Upmarket Restaurant.This concept is inspired from the tacos & Tapas style food. Indian cuisine and chefs adopted these styles in creating an amazing culinary journey.

There are famous Indian restaurants in London started Indian small plates menu. we always aimed at this concept of small but sufficient portion of food with a great value of money.

Here in this book we got some great Indian dishes to give a few

  • Slow cooked lamb Brain , 
  • baby pomfret, 
  • Jerusalem artichoke, artichoke chutney, 
  • soft boiled duck egg, 
  • Kerala chicken fried wings, 
  • Pink hoppers, 
  • vegetable tikki..

we want to guide Indian chefs and Indian Food lovers through this amazing recipes how we can revolutionise the concept of cooking and presenting Indian food.Lets do it together

Do check out our other Book ‘ Beyond curry ‘

Many Thanks
Bobby Geetha