Meet Chef Bobby, the man behind the Indian cookbook for fine dining

Fine dining is an elegant and luxurious experience that has been grabbing limelight in the Indian culinary scene. It indeed is true that enjoying fine dining at a five star hotel may burn a hole in your pocket. However, not many know that one could enjoy fine dining at you own homes without missing out on the unique experience.

The cookbook titled ‘Fine Dining Indian: Easy to Cook Restaurant Recipes at Home’ authored by chef Bobby Geetha has some amazing techniques and tips that would help you create the magic of fine dining at home. Moreover, this cookbook includes special recipes as well that taste and look as sophisticated and perfect as the ones that are served in high end restaurants.

Dubai-based chef Bobby Geetha published this cookbook during the lockdown period to encourage people to delve into the world of fine dining. Chef Bobby has also included his unique recipes that he had prepared for his YouTube channel called ‘Fine Dining Indian’ in the cookbook.

This cookbook which is already creating ripples in the culinary world includes some interesting recipes like achari octopus, wild boar sausage vadapaav, tapioca papadam, lamb sweet bread shami kebab and duck egg naan roll. Through this cookbook, Chef Bobby aims to bring the unique fine dining experience based on Indian recipes and flavours to families and restaurants.

The book explains the history of the Indian dishes and how they are related to the panchabhoota or the five senses. As per the Indian philosophy and tradition, earth, air, water, fire and sky (aether) are the five elements that fill or constitute the universe. In the book, these elements are related to the sweet, salt, sour, spicy and umami flavours. It puts forward the idea that humans reflect what they eat. It also explains how food can influence our emotions. Chef Bobby Geetha who has an experience of more than 15 years in culinary arts was one of the finalists in the season 8 of Master Chef UK Professionals. Bobby has the credit of being the only South Indian chef to advance this far in the popular reality show.

Bobby, who is a Keralite, has worked in many leading restaurants in India, Europe and Central Asia. He has even worked as an apprentice at the iconic Danish restaurant Noma, which has won two Michelin stars. Bobby, who was the head chef at Asha Group of restaurants in Dubai, has also written other cookbooks titled Beyond Curry and Indian Cuisine Evolution.  


Image courtesy vermilion