MasterChef: The Professionals

It is the final heat of Professional MasterChef, and six new chefs fight for the last places in the quarter-final. To get there, they must impress in two challenges – they need to keep their cool in the infamous skills test before showcasing their style and flair in the signature dish round. The battle is on to deliver to the highest standards, as only the three strongest chefs will make it through to the last quarter-final.

To begin their MasterChef journey, the chefs’ first task is to complete a skills test under the watchful eyes of judges Monica, Marcus and Gregg. The first three are set a skills test by Monica, who asks them to prepare langoustines and serve them with a Marie Rose sauce made from fresh mayonnaise. With only 15 minutes on the clock, the chefs need to work fast to execute a mouthwatering plate of food while treating the expensive shellfish with the respect the judges expect.

The final three contestants face a skills test set by Marcus. He asks them to make a burger in 20 minutes. They mustn’t be fooled with the simple instruction – the contestants need to make a burger good enough to grace the tables of any high-end restaurant if they want to be remembered by the judges for the right reasons.

Next, all six chefs have one last chance to demonstrate to the judges their style, technical skill and flair in the signature dish challenge. In one hour and 15 minutes, the heat is on to cook a plate of food that will wow Monica, Marcus and Gregg, and show why they deserve to stay in the competition. Fail to do so and they could be among the three chefs sent home at the end of the round. The three remaining chefs will return for the quarter-finals and continue their fight to be crowned MasterChef Professional Champion 2015.